And sometimes it's fun to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

Katie and I with Joey Lawrence and Nick Robinson

"Melissa & Joey" Season 2 Cast & Crew Photo!

Katie and I with Tom Wilson, AKA Biff!

Carla and I with John Leguizamo

Michael K. Lee and I with Lucy Liu

With Mrs. C, Marion Ross

Backstage at the Geffen Playhouse with Alan Cumming

Carla Jimenez, Daniel Law, and I with the Hoff!

Backstage of "Cesar & Ruben" with our Director, Ed Begley, Jr.

The original MILF, Jennifer Coolidge

On the set of "One Big Happy" with Elisha Cuthbert

Hello, Bevery D'Angelo!

George Clooney!

With the legendary Carol Channing

"MOM" backstage antics with Blake Garrett Rosenthal, Allison Janney, Octavia Spencer, and Sadie Calvano!

On the set of "Anger Management" with Charlie Sheen and Laura Bell Bundy

French, Me, and Katie with Chris Pratt

Katie, Anna Faris, Carla Jimenez, and Me

Katie and I with Melissa McCarthy

Backstage at the Geffen Playhouse's "Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas" with Mark Espinoza, Me and my Wig, Mark Fite, Peri Gilpin, Kevin Noonchester, Edward Padilla, French Stewart, and Matthew Modine!

French and I in a scene from "MOM"

My beautiful wife, Katie, and I on our wedding day with my family!

The De Leons - Katie, Reggie, and Max!

My Mom & Dad are awesome and adorable!



"U R Cute" from "Internet Dating: The Musical"


"A Matter of Time"


The trailer for "A Matter of Time" - a super cool industrial for CISCO where I play one of the time traveling executives! Directed by Brett Haley.


"Key & Peele"


Don't blink, but I play Ricardo, the busboy, in this hilarious "Continental Breakfast" sketch!


"Frozen - Live at the



In case you can't make it to Disney's California Adventure, here's the full show where I play the Duke of Weselton!



Demo Reel


With clips from: "Melissa & Joey," "Anger Management," "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," "MOM," "Modern Family," "HOUSE, MD" "Right This Way!" (CBS Pilot), "I Didn't Do It," "Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures," "Apocalypse: An Election Story," "The New Normal," "Free Radio," and "Matter of Time."


"Nurse Jeffrey - Bitch Tape"


A behind the scenes look at "HOUSE. MD" where I play Vincent/Dr. X! Directed by Katie Jacobs.


"Rockamole" - JKL!


Thanks to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" I got to live my dream of being a drummer in a Rock video! Starring the band, Latino Inferno!

Voiceover Commercial Demo